Why You Should Clicker Train Your Dog

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Why You Should Clicker Train Your Dog

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If you are looking for a fresh take on personally training your dog, clicker training might be what you have been looking for. If working with your dog to learn new tasks through a rewards-based system, then let us break down all you need to know on clicker training your dog. 

What is clicker training, and how does it work? 

Clicker training is a science-based training that uses positive reinforcement and mark and reward-based training for dogs. The use of the clicker communicates the moment you wish for your dog to perform a specific task, which is then followed by a treat. Clicker training uses distinct sounds with designated behaviours, then rewarded with a treat. When practised regularly, your puppy will understand which action is required after each click, therefore learning new tricks and behaviours easily and quickly. Dogs of any age can start clicker training, and for many, the sooner, the better. 

How does clicker training help?

There are many ways that the use of puppy clicker training can assist you and your dog. One of the best elements of the training is the positive reinforcement aspect. When puppies work in a high rewards scenario, they are more encouraged to explore new skills and to perform better. These styles of training can also last longer without the puppy losing interest, as they are motivated to keep learning. Clicker training for dogs is also excellent for physical and mental ability. They are actively moving to learn the new skills and mentally adjusting to the clicker meaning and positive reinforcement. 

By getting your dog into puppy training school or training them yourselves as early as possible, you have a much greater chance of avoiding behavioural problems down the track. By utilising the clicker training method, you can teach them correct behavioural techniques early on. Training like this one-on-one with your puppy not only strengthens the bond between you both but increases our ability to communicate with each other. By clicker training puppies they will associate certain clicks with your desired action. Therefore, an understanding has been reached through this form of communication. 

Tips for how do use clicker training.

Although dog clicker training may sound easy, in reality, there is a lot of thought that needs to go into it. Firstly, accuracy is vital with the clicker. You must always click while the desired behaviour is being performed instead of after it has been completed. Give the dog the treat after they stop the desired action. If you do not give the dog a treat after every click, it weakens the training process and its ability to work on your dog. Your dog will quickly associate the click with a treat, and this is the first step to successful clicker training. Make sure to use the clicker when your puppy does something you like. 

We also suggest beginning this new style of training with easy tasks, perhaps ones they already know how to do. You could start with commands like sit, come, or handshake. If you like the task more than most, reward them with more treats, never more clicks. Remember that this is not command-based training; it is reward-based training. Your dog will not respond to all of your desired tasks simply because they haven’t learned them yet. If you see them doing a task in their own time that you like, use the clicker so they recognise this as a useful skill and one that the two of you can practice together.

So, do you want to know more about clicker training your dog or would like some extra help when it comes to training and obedience? Head over to the “Puppy Training’ page on our website to read up about what we offer and our training process to see if we can provide any assistance. Or give one of our team members a call on 0433 839 729 (Malaga) or 0450 358 915 (Bassendean) for more information. 

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