Why did I start a Doggy DayCare?

For those who don’t know me, I’m Laura ???? the very proud owner of PawPals Bassendean and co-owner of PawPals Malaga. I wanted to take a moment to share my journey and the reasons behind the creation of this incredible business we have grown over the past 10 years  ????   When I moved from […]

Is my dog overweight?

Is your dog becoming a bit of a Pudgy Pooch? I’ve been in your shoes. My beloved Ruby was showered with treats for every reason—because it was bedtime, because she just woke up, and simply because she gave me that look with her irresistibly squishy face. I might have taken “puppy fat” too literally and […]

 Is Doggy DayCare good for Socialisation?

Socialisation is a cornerstone of a dog’s development, leading to friendly, confident companions. But is doggy daycare the right avenue for every dog’s social journey? At PawPals DayCare, we believe that with the right environment and care, doggy daycare can offer immense benefits for socialising dogs, provided they’re suited to the daycare setting. Understanding Dog […]

How do you separate dogs at Doggy DayCare?

At PawPals DayCare, ensuring the safety and well-being of every dog in our care is our utmost priority. We meticulously manage the integration of new dogs into our groups, steering clear of a “free for all” approach. Each new addition is carefully considered, and we limit ourselves to welcoming just one new dog per day […]

Is Doggy DayCare Bad for My Dog?

“Is doggy daycare bad for my dog?” It’s a question many dog owners ponder when considering care options for their beloved pets. At PawPals DayCare, we understand that the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Instead, it depends on various factors, including your dog’s personality, the daycare environment, and the quality of care provided. […]

Tail Talk: Dog Behaviour and Communication

Tail Wag

At PawPals DayCare & PawPals Parlour, we’re not just about care, we’re about understanding each dog. A key aspect of this is decoding the silent language of our canine friends, particularly their tail movements. Contrary to popular belief, tail wagging isn’t just a sign of happiness. It’s a complex form of communication, rich in emotional […]

When Is Mating Season for Dogs?

Dog mating times

For those considering breeding dogs, it’s crucial to approach it from an informed perspective. More than knowing how dogs mate, when mating season is for dogs, and when a dog is coming on heat, you need to know how to take care of your dog throughout the process. Your dog’s well-being will ensure they experience […]

PawPals Stocks Premium Dog Food!

PawPals is happy to announce that we now stock Prime100 and Meals for Mutts premium dog food!  We take the health and well-being of your dog seriously, which is why we only choose to stock high-end food.  All the food we stock is hypoallergenic and made from natural and sustainable ingredients to ensure the health […]

How to reduce separation anxiety in your dogs

Dealing with dog anxiety

Wondering how to reduce separation anxiety in your dog after a neighbour told you about their howling throughout the day? Or, perhaps you came home to a dog so excited to see you they wet themselves and your floor? We’re here to help!

Why Dogs Chew And Destroy Property

Why Dogs Chew And Destroy Property

There is nothing like coming home after work, stepping outside to greet your dog, and your lounge is in tatters. Or perhaps there is just cushion stuffing everywhere, or your Birkenstock soles are destroyed. We love them unconditionally, but we get pretty frustrated when puppies destroy everything. Why does my dog chew things up when […]