Is Doggy DayCare good for Socialisation?

Socialisation is a cornerstone of a dog’s development, leading to friendly, confident companions. But is doggy daycare the right avenue for every dog’s social journey? At PawPals DayCare, we believe that with the right environment and care, doggy daycare can offer immense benefits for socialising dogs, provided they’re suited to the daycare setting. Understanding Dog […]

How do you separate dogs at Doggy DayCare?

At PawPals DayCare, ensuring the safety and well-being of every dog in our care is our utmost priority. We meticulously manage the integration of new dogs into our groups, steering clear of a “free for all” approach. Each new addition is carefully considered, and we limit ourselves to welcoming just one new dog per day […]

Tail Talk: Dog Behaviour and Communication

Tail Wag

At PawPals DayCare & PawPals Parlour, we’re not just about care, we’re about understanding each dog. A key aspect of this is decoding the silent language of our canine friends, particularly their tail movements. Contrary to popular belief, tail wagging isn’t just a sign of happiness. It’s a complex form of communication, rich in emotional […]

When Is Mating Season for Dogs?

Dog mating times

For those considering breeding dogs, it’s crucial to approach it from an informed perspective. More than knowing how dogs mate, when mating season is for dogs, and when a dog is coming on heat, you need to know how to take care of your dog throughout the process. Your dog’s well-being will ensure they experience […]

How to reduce separation anxiety in your dogs

Dealing with dog anxiety

Wondering how to reduce separation anxiety in your dog after a neighbour told you about their howling throughout the day? Or, perhaps you came home to a dog so excited to see you they wet themselves and your floor? We’re here to help!

Why Dogs Chew And Destroy Property

Why Dogs Chew And Destroy Property

There is nothing like coming home after work, stepping outside to greet your dog, and your lounge is in tatters. Or perhaps there is just cushion stuffing everywhere, or your Birkenstock soles are destroyed. We love them unconditionally, but we get pretty frustrated when puppies destroy everything. Why does my dog chew things up when […]

How To Deal With Antisocial Behaviour In Dogs

anti social dog

Does the thought of taking your dog on a walk at peak path hour give you a headache? An antisocial dog is stressful for both parties and is ultimately holding them back from developmental milestones.  You love your dog, no matter what their temperament. Plus, it’s not their fault; a dog’s antisocial behaviour is a […]

How to Get Rid of Stinky Dog Breath

Stinky dog breath – no one likes it. And who wants to have to push their dog away when they come up for a smooch because of the awful smell coming from their mouth? Sometimes we can’t even help it; we get one waft of that stinky dog breath and automatically move backwards. So we […]

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Would Constantly Lick Their Paws

why dogs lick their paws

A dog licking its paws isn’t anything to worry about; it’s perfectly normal behaviour. Dogs are usually licking their paws as part of their grooming process, getting rid of any dirt and debris. This is to be expected after your pup has come home after a walk, following dinner time and when they settle down […]

Reasons Why Your Dog Refuses To Walk

why dogs refuse to walk

Is your park loving dog suddenly not enjoying walks as much? You’re used to grabbing the leash, and you’re pup jumping up in joy and racing to the door; you might be left confused as to why that’s changed.  When a dog refuses to walk, it might be worth a trip to the vet to […]