It’s very important that we pre-screen all new starters to ensure the safety of all the dogs. We offer an orientation day to assess your dog’s behaviour to ensure he/she is happy at day care among the other dogs. We also need up to date C5 vaccination certificates and sterilisation certificates.

DayCare is a minimum of one day a week. Please complete the enrolment application form for each dog that you would like attend PawPals DayCare. If your pooch is a rescue, please ensure he/ she has been with you at least 3 months before enrolling them. We need you to be aware of their behaviour so you can complete the form to the best of your ability. The orientation process will be a full day at day care (full fee is required). If the orientation process has been successful, you will have a permanent spot on the same day each week. *Please note, if your dog is not coping within the day care environment, you may be required to pick them up early. Your dog is our absolute priority and we need to do what is best by them!*