Enrolment Process: 

As part of our enrollment process, we kindly request scheduling a “meet and greet” evening once we receive your form. This important session allows us to ensure that every dog in our care meets our social and safety standards, helping us create a safe and nurturing daycare experience together.

📃 Applications: Please complete the enrolment application form for each dog you wish to attend PawPals DayCare.

📋Required Documents:  Up-to-date C5 vaccination certificates (titre tests are accepted) and a sterilisation certificate if your dog is over 7 months of age.

📅 DayCare Requirement: A minimum commitment of one day per week.

🐶 Rescue Dogs: If your pooch is a rescue, please ensure they have been with you for at least 3 months before enrolling. This allows you to be familiar with their behavior, ensuring you can complete the form accurately.

🤝 Meet and Greet: Our FREE “meet and greet” includes a one-on-one consult with you, your pooch, and one of our Senior Canine Coaches. These sessions are held in the evenings after daycare hours and are free of charge.

🐾 Trial Day: If the meet and greet is successful, we will book a trial day at daycare. Upon completing a successful trial day, your doggo will receive a welcome package that includes a school “uniform” and a first-day certificate.

❗️Important Note: If your dog is not coping well in the daycare environment, you may be required to pick them up early. Your dog’s well-being is our top priority, and we will always do what is best for them!