Day Care

Playmates for your Pooch!

Is your pooch getting the exercise and socialistion they need? Do you feel guilty leaving them at home all day? We have the answer for you – treat them to a weekly visit to PawPals DayCare for a whole lot of fun, play and extra cuddles!

The right doggy day care is a great way to get your pooch out socialising in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. At PawPals we provide both dog and human interaction where we can build on your dogs social manners, mental stimulation and give your pooch the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new things.

Our spacious play areas allow for maximum fun and allows the chance for your four-legged member to burn off some of that pent-up energy!!!

Rescue dogs have a massive place in Laura’s heart and she would rescue all the dogs if she had her way but she can’t (as her partner insists he deserves a space in their bed) so instead, her long term goal is to help fund rescues where ever she can.

Laura has a degree in Advertising and Media, a Certificate in Canine Behavior and a Certificate in Canine First Aid. It is Laura’s aim to ensure your dog has a fantastic day out in a safe and fun environment, playing with their friends and surrounded by people who adore what they do.

Some of the safety standards we adhere to include:

Your pooch is supervised at all times throughout the day and The PawPalsGals can be contacted any time throughout the day if you would like to call or text to check in – there is no judgement, believe us when we say, “we are all the craziest dog mum’s you will ever meet!”
The Gals are certified in canine CPR and first aid.
100% open and honest communication between our clients and our team, we want what is best you and your dog and we will help in any way we can.
All pooches are spayed or neutered by 7 months of age and all vaccinations are up to date.
Assurance that all pooches have passed the orientation process. If over time there are any changes in a dog’s behaviour, they will be asked to leave. Not all dogs are suited to day care and sometimes dogs just “get over it” (and that is totally ok). We want your dog to be happy and if they are not happy at day care , we will not force them to be here. This would go against all our values as individuals and as a business. We will request you to pick them up and not have them return as their happiness is our happiness!

You can count on The PawPalsGals!

A happy, healthy, and safe environment for your pooch is our top priority. You can be confident your dog will be well-cared for while they run, jump, and wag their tails all day!!

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