Tips For Choosing The Right Puppy Training School

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Tips For Choosing The Right Puppy Training School

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Is your puppy ready to start socialising, learn about obedience and some tricks along the way? Are you weighing up whether puppy classes are a good idea or could you just do it yourself? We know how overwhelming it can be to find the right puppy school in Perth, so here is our guide to puppy training.

Why is attending a puppy class so important?

There are many benefits to a group training class for you and your puppy. Getting to know a professional trainer will help as having someone who knows your dog as well as you do will aid in their training progression.. A professional teacher will understandyour puppy’s needs and can provide feedback as they give your four legged-friend the best puppy training in Perth. Their years of experience with all kinds of puppies means they know what bad behaviours to keep an eye on and can share their best puppy obedience training tips.

The importance of early socialisation

Whether you are tossing up between home-schooling or looking to start at a puppy training school, one thing to remember is that either way, learning how to socialise with other dogs is crucial for your puppy. If you want your dog to socialise at the park and have the best experiences possible then puppy training is a must. Group training sessions are perfect so your puppy will be learning and bonding with the other dogs as you do the same with the owners! Puppy training is a great place for you to meet other puppy parents. Puppy playdate anyone? You want your pup to feel comfortable around others so that you can trust them at the dog park or beach without you needing to always restrain them.

How to pick the right puppy training school

When looking into tips on puppy training in Perth and seeking the help of a professional trainer, there are a few factors to look out for to find the best fit. Firstly, is it the style of class that you intended? Weigh up whether you want a group simply for socialising, only training and obedience, or a mix of the two. Puppy classes are a great idea for any goals so do your research and decide what kind of training you want for your puppy.

Look into the classroom requirements and how the class management operates. Where are they located? Are they on top of puppy vaccinations and overall health of participants? Is it a well-kept environment and do they sanitise and spot clean regularly and efficiently? These are all critical elements to investigate before enrolling in any puppy obedience and training facilities .

So, when to start puppy training? Generally, the best time to start obedience school is between the ages of seven to 16 weeks. But it is never too late to start puppy training! Contact one of our professional trainers to chat about the best puppy training method for your dog and at what age we take enrolments.

Your chosen training course must have a calm and controlled area for your puppy to learn. Chaotic and uncontrolled learning environments can stress out new puppies and make them fearful of coming back. Many puppy training schools have low numbers of participants to keep the class controllable while also offering more attention and feedback to each puppy.

Finally, make sure all trainers have the necessary qualifications to be guides in your puppy training. It is important to do all the research you can when choosing a puppy training school in Perth as this will shape the dog your puppy will become.

If starting at puppy training school is something you and your pooch are ready for, come and have a chat with one of our puppy professionals over at PawPals. Give us a call at either our Malaga (0433839729) or Bassendean (0450358915) centres or head to our website for more info ( We can’t wait to meet you and your puppy very soon!

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