Why Your Dog May Have Lost Their Appetite

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Why Your Dog May Have Lost Their Appetite

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It can be concerning for an owner when their fur baby goes from wolfing down their kibble to having no interest in food whatsoever. What happened?! 

What does a loss of appetite look like in dogs? Even if your dog may be acting normal and just not eating, dogs generally don’t refuse more than two meals in a row. 

Loss of appetite in dogs can be a sign of sickness, so it’s important to identify why your pup may have lost their interest in food to decide the best course of action. 

To put your worry at bay, here are some reasons why your dog has no appetite. 


When a dog is sick or injured, it is common they also aren’t hungry. It’s important to monitor your dog and be watchful for any other symptoms that could signify their illness. Infections, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disease can cause a loss of appetite in dogs. If you don’t think any of the following reasons are the cause and their appetite fails to come back, make sure you see a vet. 

Dental Issues

Sore gums may be at fault for why your dog refuses to eat. Tooth or gum injuries can make it painful to chew, check their teeth for any visible gum swelling or broken teeth. Again, a trip to the vet for peace of mind if their appetite fails to come back is the best course of action. 

New Surroundings

One of the most common causes for a dog’s sudden loss of appetite is new surroundings.

Have you recently moved house?

Are you travelling?

Unfamiliar surroundings or a change in routine might be making your dog feel nervous and not hungry as a result. If you think this could be the case, give them some time to adjust with plenty of positive reinforcement. 


Just like there are some fussy kids, dogs can be picky when it comes to food too. Before assuming your dog is just fussy, it’s vital you monitor for any symptoms and assess whether lifestyle changes or stress could be to blame. 

A sudden loss of appetite in dogs can be explained by environmental and behavioural factors but is often an indicator of sickness. A dog usually gets hungry again eight hours after their last meal, so if they have gone a couple of days without food, it is a cause for concern. 

Please get your pooch checked out by a vet to be safe!

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