How much does dog day care cost in Perth?

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How much does dog day care cost in Perth?

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We know that researching how much does dog day care cost? Can be daunting when considering all the other bills and costs you have in your life. That’s why our experts have answered a couple crucial questions below about dog day care cost and activities.

How much does dog day care costs?

It can be a tough decision to send your pup to day care and often a pricey one. That’s why we have a mission to make dog day care in Perth as affordable and enjoyable possible for both you and your furry friend. Our dog day care costs change depending on the number of dogs you have and the frequency of visits to our dog day care in Perth.
If you have one dog and want dog day care for one day a week, the cost is $47.00. This price then decreases if you come back multiple times per week! If you bring your pup twice in one week, it is $89 and if you come back additional days in the same week the price drops to $42
per day. Our prices are highly competitive, and we make sure your dog has an engaging and exciting day while you work (or play) without them. One of our clients left the review that after enrolling in our dog day care in Perth she “highly recommends other to enrol their pup, it’s a great way to get them socialising with other dogs and learning correct behaviours” (Sarah). We believe the cost of our day care represents the value both you and your pup will get. So next time, when asking yourself “how much does dog day care cost?” be sure to consider the total experience and socialisation your pup will receive.

What do doggy day cares do?

Our dog day care in Perth is unique because we offer constant socialisation, activities, and we ALWAYS monitor your pooch! Not only is our dog day care in Perth one of the best, but we also provide dog grooming in Perth for your convenience. Our clients love the option of dog
grooming while their pooch is in our hands. It means you get to drop your dog off in the morning and get them back in the afternoon looking and behaving their best after a day spent with our experienced groomer and with furry friends learning their good behaviours.

Day care best practices

At our dog day care in Perth we take the safety of our dogs very seriously and treat all pooches as our own. Dog day care best practices should involve constant monitoring of dogs, trained staff in CPR, open and honest communication, a dog spayed or neutered policy and an
orientation period. We have strict regulations and rules about all the above and realise that if your dog doesn’t enjoy or behave well with us, then dog day care might not be for them (and that’s okay!). Some dogs don’t like day care, and if that’s the case with your pooch, we will call you immediately so you can come and pick them up.

Is day care good for dogs?

Dog day care is not only good for dogs, but it helps them advance socially and behaviourally. The mix between interacting with other dogs from all ages and breeds and with humans allows dogs to feel comfortable in new environments. We recommend enrolling your dog in dog day care in Perth as early as possible. That’s because we have seen the positive effects that day care can have on puppies and how it forms them in later years.

How old do puppies have to be for doggy day care?

Puppies must be 16 weeks old and be fully vaccinated to join our dog day care in Perth. We know that when people send their pup to dog day at a young age they will create habits that last their lifetime. Puppies at dog day care have improved brain growth and can adapt their
behaviours easier than older dogs. We also make sure that every dog has age-appropriate exercise and activities throughout the day, so they are stimulated and ready to go home when you come to collect them.

So… Now it’s time to pick the right dog day care! We know that with our years of experience in caring and training for dogs your pooch will be happy with us and you can rest assured knowing you picked the best doggy day care in Perth! Our dog grooming services are also available every day, and we are happy to discuss pricing and styling with you. If you want to discuss further how much does dog day care costs? Then give us a call on 0433839729 for our Malaga dog day care centre or on 0450358915 for our Bassendean centre.

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