Fruit and Veggie Snacks For Your Dog

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Fruit and Veggie Snacks For Your Dog

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What are some fruit and veggie snacks for your dog?

We know you have got your biscuits or canned food for your pup under control! But, what about when it comes to a healthy snack throughout the day or after that big walk! You might have wondered can dogs eat fruits and vegetable? Good news, they sure can! And they will love you for it. There is are a bunch of different foods that are a big no-no for your four-legged friend, so we have researched and compiled a list of what fruit and veggie snacks for your dog are safe and healthy to eat.

Fruits dogs can eat.

Believe it or not, we are asked all the time by our clients “can dogs eat fruit” which we totally understand, we would hate to make our beloved furry friends sick! A majority of fruits are safe for your dog to eat and who knows maybe it will become their new favourite treat!

Firstly, an apple! They are packed full of Vitamins A and C and fibre, which will keep your dogs digestive system on track. They will be kept entertained by the satisfying crunch they get each bite! Make sure you remove the core and the seeds before you dish it out as their next treat.

Blueberries are not just super tasty but can also provide heaps of antioxidants and fibre to your pup’s diet. They have even been found to help prevent cell damage in dogs as well as humans. Plus they are the perfect size to throw and help your dog practice their catching skills!

Bananas can be given to your dog but only occasionally! They’re not a toxic fruit for dogs, but they have a high sugar content so they should be left as a once in a while snack for your dog. They are high in potassium and vitamins, which will be good for your dog in smaller servings. Say when you’ve got that tiny bit left in your banana you don’t want to finish, now and then let your good boy or girl finish it!

Strawberries are also a dog-friendly food. They are fibre rich and have an enzyme that can help whiten your dog’s teeth (not that they need it because they are already perfect!). Strawberries are also super sweet, so just in moderation.

Feeding dogs fruit is healthy and often a cheaper option compared to store-bought treats. Another question which comes up related to doggy diets is, do dogs need vegetables? Vegetables are not as necessary in your dog’s daily food bowl compared to a human’s plate, but they can serve as a healthy snack in between their usual meals or a small part of their dinner. Feeding dogs vegetables can also benefit their health and are great to incorporate into their diet. Below we’ve listed some dog-friendly vegetables.

What vegetables dogs can eat.

Broccoli! It will boost your dog’s immunity but only give it in small servings as it might give them the runs from all that fibre. You can give broccoli to your dog raw or cooked and chewing on the stalks will help fight their tooth decay.

Carrots and celery will also keep your dog’s teeth healthy and keep them entertained while they chew away. The fibres inside carrots and celery act as a natural toothbrush to get rid of the tartar! Some dogs might struggle to chew on them whole. So if you find bits not broken down in their poop, chop the raw carrot into smaller pieces before you use it as a treat.

Sweet potato and pumpkin can be given to your doggy cooked, mashed or in puree form. It is high in fibre, and they will love the soft, chewy consistency.

Lastly, brussels sprouts are safe for your dog to eat, and they are full of dietary fibre. However feeding them to your beloved four-legged pal might have you running from the room, as it will likely make them very gassy!

If you are introducing new foods into your dog’s diet even as a snack, it is essential not to go over-board. Too much of foods they are not used to, and their stomach might not like it! But incorporating dog-friendly fruits and vegetables into your dog’s diet will keep them happy and healthy. Of course, if your dog suffers from any medical conditions, please consult your vet before giving them any new tasty treats.

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