How to Get Rid of Stinky Dog Breath

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How to Get Rid of Stinky Dog Breath

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Stinky dog breath – no one likes it. And who wants to have to push their dog away when they come up for a smooch because of the awful smell coming from their mouth? Sometimes we can’t even help it; we get one waft of that stinky dog breath and automatically move backwards. So we don’t have to jump away when our pups want some TLC; let’s treat our pet’s stinky breath.

It’s healthier for them too!

In fact, bad breath for dogs isn’t supposed to be normal; it is sign of an unhealthy mouth. Unfortunately, the priorities for our dogs are often skewed, with daily walks more important than regular teeth brushing habits.

But now is an excellent time to start prioritising your pup’s oral hygiene for their health and your nose. Here are the ways you can keep your dog’s stinky breath at bay. 

Brush those pegs regularly

How often should you be brushing your dog’s teeth?

Ideally, once a week! Teeth left unbrushed for long periods of time can cause teeth and gum problems from plaque and tatar buildup, so please make it a regular habit! Your local pet store should stock a finger brush to make brushing easier and special canine toothpaste. Don’t even think about using Colgate for your dog’s teeth.

Let them chew

Dogs can’t brush their own teeth, so how do they keep them clean?

Chewing is the natural way for our four-legged friends to clean their teeth. If you give them special dog teeth-cleaning treats can help reduce their bad breath too. Look out for dog treats including ingredients like cinnamon, clove and freshened chlorophyll.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us what our favourites are! 

Keep an eye on what gets in their mouth 

Perhaps your dog’s stinky breath is something you only notice every now and then?

When you notice the stinky smell, try to think if they could have gotten into anything unsavoury that day. Did they perhaps sniffle into some roadkill, bust open a garbage bag or incidentally get too close to some of their (or another animal’s) feces?

If you are brushing your dog’s teeth regularly and they still keep getting bouts of bad breath, keep them closer to you on walks and time outdoors because there is likely something they are getting into you don’t know about! 

Time for the vet

When does your dog’s bad breath warrant a second opinion? Perhaps in your next vet visit, ask them about annual cleanings. Bad breath is common amongst older dogs due to the tartar buildup over many years (this can be avoided with regular cleaning!) In these cleans, a vet can also check for any cavities or tooth damage. 

Doggy day care you can trust

At PawPals, all our furry companions are regular daycare visitors. This means we know a lot about our pups! We take pride in getting to know all the dogs who walk through our doors, and we can often notice potential issues with them before their owners do. If you are in need of a doggy daycare who seriously cares, get in contact with us at Paw Pals, and we can see if your beloved companion is a fit with us.

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