Best Way To Handle an Energetic Dog

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Best Way To Handle an Energetic Dog

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Is your energetic pup driving you a bit mad? Whilst we love them endlessly with our whole hearts, it’s ok to admit man’s best friend might be letting down their side of the BFF arrangement. 

Whilst your dog is going to be overjoyed by your arriving home and ecstatic at the mention of a W-A-L-K, excessive energy running around your house or digging up your yard is going to make you feel anything but calm.

Here are our top tips for calming a hyperactive puppy 

Prioritise Their Exercise

The best way to get rid of your pups extra energy is enough exercise. A walk should be a part of every dog’s daily routine. Not just for health and exercise but to keep them stimulated and excited for life!

Our best advice is to walk your dog in the morning. Dogs are most fit to burn off energy first thing in the morning after they’ve received their shut-eye. If their energy release is left until the afternoon, hyper-energetic and destructive behaviors can start to form.

Of course, an afternoon stroll is better than no walk at all, but consider changing your daily habits to help your hyperactive dog. 

Give Them A Social Life

An hour walk mightn’t be enough for energetic breeds to stop them running rings around your family. 

If you are keeping a careful eye on your dog at the dog park, this can be an excellent way to keep your pup properly socialised. Dog parks can be overwhelming and should only be attended if you are prepared to watch your dog! 

If that’s not the case, a pup play date with another friendly pet or enrolling them at a doggy daycare are excellent ways to ensure they aren’t missing out on social stimuli.

Basic Discipline

To love your dog is to train them; that way, you are getting the most out of each others company. Basic obedience training is essential for our dogs to wrap their heads around before learning new training elements.

Plus, it gives their brain something to do, which equals a more tired doggo from thinking and working hard!

Swap Their Food Bowl 

Whilst working on maintaining basic obedience is key for a healthy pup, engaging them through food puzzles is a sure-fire way to tame an energetic puppy. 

There are a huge array of puzzle toys for dogs on the market. Making your dog work that little bit harder for their dinner will also stop them from scoffing it down too quickly (we can’t blame them, it’s tough work being a dog!)

Have You Heard Of Nose Work?

This activity is based on scenting and engages your pups natural desire to hunt, a skill they need and LOVE to use.

It works by hiding various treats with strong smells around the house, slightly under rugs, within reach under furniture for them to find. You can play games with them by hiding a treat in one hand, getting them to sniff, and identifying which hand has the treat.

There are heaps of different nose work activities you can research and try out a bunch to find ones your doggo loves! 

Change It Up

One thing we think beloved owners can sometimes forget is to mix up their dog’s routine. Whilst having a regular walking route and dog park is fabulous for your dog, don’t forget on the weekend to trade the park for a dog beach or dog-friendly walking trails.

Rather than simply buying new toys, try new games with your dog, different puzzles and activities to keep your energetic pal stimulated.

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your dog to use up that energy and get some essential socialisation, consider enrolling them into PawPals Doggy DayCare.

Treat your pup to a weekly visit to PawPals DayCare for a whole lot of fun, play and extra cuddles! If you have any further questions, drop us a line on 0433 839 729 (Malaga) or 0450 358 915 (Bassendean). We can’t wait to meet you and your new pup!

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