The Traffic Light System

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The Traffic Light System

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The traffic light system is the exact same across the world, Green means Go and Red means Stop! The very clever people over at friendly dog collars have put this exact system into place for our dogs…

Do you have a friendly dog who loves everyone or do you have one who can be a bit choosy with their friends? Do you have a dog who only likes people but find other dogs are too scary? Or do you have a dog who is just nervous of the world?

No matter what kind of dog you have, everyone needs to know about the AMAZING traffic light system. It is an extremely useful tool for all dog owners to understand. It is so simple and so effective and the more awareness we can create around it, the safer the space we can create for our beloved pooches! Our aim is to educate and practice responsible dog ownership and together we can create this space faster!

You can buy leads, bandannas, harnesses, collars and jackets of varying colours that best represent your dog.

The system goes like so;

Green = Go (Friendly)

These are the dogs that are good with people and dogs and you can ask to approach by yourself or with your dog.

Orange = Slow Down (No Dogs)

These are the dogs that are good with people but may be a little more choosey with their doggy friends. Be sure to give them a wider birth with your dog and if your dog is off lead please make sure they don’t approach them for the safety of your dog and the welfare of the other dog and owner. These dogs may be nervous, fear reactive or just don’t like dogs in their space, so please be extremely mindful of their space.

Red = Stop/ Caution (No Dogs or people) 

These dogs are not great with other dogs or people. Don’t approach them with or without your dog and please be aware that they may react at a distance. Respect their space!

Yellow = Nervous

These dogs may be friendly but have nervous tendencies. Please don’t approach without asking and make sure you keep it slow. Don’t allow your dog to approach unless the owner gives the OK and make sure that you have good control to call your dog away if the nervous dog gets overwhelmed.

There are also some other colours you may see that have other meanings:

White = Deaf or Blind

These dogs are either deaf, blind or both which may make their reactions different to that of another dog. Approach slowly and allow them time to figure out where you are. Once a deaf dog sees you they should be OK so don’t approach them from behind.

Blind dogs will need reassuring noises to confirm where you are so pat them slowly to begin with as they won’t see it coming.

Those who are both deaf and blind will have to figure out your smell. Always remember to ask the owners before attempting to pat any dog.

Blue = In Training

These dogs are learning the rules and regulations of being out and about so please don’t let your dog approach without permission. Also don’t be offended if the owner changes course when they see you coming or they may ask for more space from you or your dog. They are trying to help their dog to achieve its goals and are setting them up for success so always respect their space.

 Purple = Do Not Feed

These dogs may be on medication, have allergies or special dietary requirements or might be trying to lose weight. Please do not feed them as you do not know how this may affect their health. As a general rule of thumb, you should always be mindful of feeding another persons dogs anyway!! Always ask before you give them anything as this day in age there are so many dogs with allergies and you don’t want to be that person who affects their health!

And that is it – how easy is that??

So from us, to you, stay safe and always practice responsible dog ownership! We all love our Furbabies and want what is best for them so respect others when you are out and about and lets make this a safer place for us all!

Much love,

The PawPals Gals xx

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