Easy To Train Breeds Of Dogs

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Easy To Train Breeds Of Dogs

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Choosing the right dog for your lifestyle is essential when you start thinking about bringing a new pup into your life. This extends to knowing how much time and energy you can dedicate to training your breed of dog. Did you know that some breeds of dogs are easier to breed than others? Let us break down the easiest breeds to train and why early training is so important.  

Why is dog training so important? 

All owners want a well-behaved dog. But many factors can lead to a poorly behaved dog. This could be health conditions, physical disabilities, or their home environment. Some owners probably don’t have the time to train a dog who has past trauma. Everyone has a different capacity when it comes to their ability to train their pup. Being able to train your dog is one of the best ways to communicate and bond with your dog. You will build on your relationship and create respect and understanding for each other. This will then prevent behavioural issues down the track. If you are not confident in your ability to train your pup, taking them to a dog daycare centre in Perth is excellent, especially if you pick a troublesome breed. But we are here to talk about easy to train breeds! 

Dog breeds that are easiest to train  

Border Collie: This breed is known for naturally taking to puppy training and learning new skills. Border Collies have a great working ability and are known as one of the most intelligent dogs. They have a strong desire for enrichment, so teaching them how to develop their skills will be very rewarding for both dog and owner. These pups have a lot of energy, so make sure you have enough time to give them a good amount of exercise every day, and if you don’t, take them to a dog daycare centre so they can get more out of their day.  

Miniature Schnauzer:  This breed is incredibly smart and make great companion dogs. When you take the right approach, these affectionate pooches can be easy to train and will be determined to upskill. Make sure as an owner you are confident and take charge with reward-based training.  

Labrador Retriever: Training comes naturally to labs as they are always looking to please their owners. They love to be social with all creatures. Labs love to eat, so if you do puppy training with food-motivated exercises, they will adapt well. But don’t give in to the puppy dog eyes and let them eat too much! 

German Shepard: These ones are quick learners and ready to work. They thrive in positions with police and military due to their loyalty and motivation to please and help their owners.  

Boxer: An intelligent dog who loves learning new skills and commands. They excel with physical and mental challenges but can be very playful dogs. Boxers are also an excellent dog for kids due to their upbeat nature.  

Golden Retriever: If you are a new dog owner, this pup will make a great companion. They do have childlike behaviours at times but are excellent problem solvers and learn by trial and error. But once they know the correct way, they will only excel.  

Puppy training at PawPals  

Not everyone has the skills or confidence to train their new dog by themselves. That’s why at PawPals, we offer a range of puppy training for all dogs. We offer a Level 1 Class for dogs aged 4 – 12 months. Here we work with reward-based training to work on skills targeting socialisation, basic commands, and lead walking. We also offer Puppy Kindy, for young pups aged 7 – 16 weeks, for household manners, confidence building, lead walking and playtime manners. Classes are diverse, with dogs of all breeds and sizes to help with confidence and socialisation with other dogs. We limit our classes to a maximum of six dogs to ensure you and your pooch get the most out of the course. You could also tee up your training up with a session at our dog grooming salon as a reward for a good puppy training day.  

If you are interested in taking your dog to puppy training or want more advice on the easiest dog breed to train for your lifestyle, why not drop us a line? Call us today on 0450 358 915 (Bassendean) or 0433 839 729 (Malaga). 

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