Waiver and Release of Liability

  1. I hereby confirm that my puppy is properly vaccinated, free from disease, and in good health. Proof of vaccination will be required at the first class and, if applicable, during the enrolled course. Vaccination certificates for those attending Puppy Kindy must be shown prior to entry for the first class.

  2. I understand that attending dog training classes conducted by Karen from KalaPups at PawPals DayCare’s facility is not without risk to myself, my attending guests, or to my dog. I therefore will not hold PawPals DayCare, KalaPups, their staff, or affiliates responsible for any damage caused to or by my dog during the course of training.

  3. If my dog is found to be a threat to personal safety, training may be modified with the use of a behavior modification program, or in exceptional circumstances, my dog may be removed from the class.

  4. By enrolling in classes run by KalaPups at PawPals DayCare, I acknowledge that my information may be shared between PawPals DayCare and KalaPups. This allows for communications and information about further classes, relevant products, and services that may be of interest. I can update my preferences at any time by unsubscribing from the mailing list.

  5. I understand that once the class has been confirmed, fees are non-refundable.

  6. Children are welcome to attend the classes alongside their families; however, children under the age of 10 must be supervised at all times by an adult who is not participating in the class. This is to ensure the safety and smooth running of the training sessions for all attendees, both human and canine.

I agree that:

  • I am solely responsible for any loss, damage, or harm caused or contributed to by my dog(s) while attending classes conducted by KalaPups at PawPals DayCare.
  • I am responsible for all costs associated with the above.
  • I will abide by all rules and regulations set forth in this Waiver and Liability for KalaPups and PawPals DayCare. I accept all terms, conditions, and statements contained within.

I release PawPals DayCare (Hank and Dutch Pty Ltd), KalaPups, their employees, and agents, from all liability and indemnify them from any or all claims of every kind and nature whatsoever, arising directly or indirectly from my dog(s)’ participation in activities or use of services at PawPals DayCare, including legal claims.

I have read and understood this agreement and am aware that by signing, I am waiving certain legal rights.